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by PTI

NOIDA: A non-resident Indian, who had come from the UK for his daughter’s wedding, allegedly left a bag full of jewelery and valuables worth over Rs 1 crore in a cab, police officials said on Thursday.

The contents along with the bag were recovered within four hours after a team from Bisrakh police station located the Uber cab in the adjoining Ghaziabad district, an official said.

According to the police, Nikhilesh Kumar Sinha (around 50 years) lives in London with his family and had come to Greater Noida for his daughter’s wedding.

“When they reached Sarovar Portico Hotel in Gaur City area, they realized that one of the bags containing jewelery and other valuables was missing and suspected that it might have been left in the cab they had taken to reach the hotel,” a police spokesperson said. . said

Bisrakh police officer-in-charge Anil Kumar Rajput told PTI, “The family contacted the police station around 4 pm after which a search was immediately launched. The family gave us the cab driver’s number and we inquired about his live location. From Uber’s office in Gurgaon and tracing it to Ghaziabad. After a frantic four-hour search, the cab driver was found in Ghaziabad’s Lal Kuan area and the bag containing all the belongings was recovered from the car’s boot, Rajput said.

“The driver told the police that he was not aware of the bag being in the boot of his cab. The bag was locked and opened in front of the complainant, his relative and the driver at the police station,” according to the official. .

“All the jewellery, worth around Rs 1 crore, was found safe in the bag, which was handed over to Sinha. The family expressed gratitude for the police work,” the official added.


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