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Meta India removed 3.37cr ‘bad’ Facebook, Instagram ads in September

November 01, 2022, 05:04 pm
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Meta India removed 3.37cr 'bad' Facebook, Instagram ads in September
Meta’s monthly report shows the company’s response to policy violations on Instagram and Facebook (Image: Meta)

In September, Meta served 3.37 crore Facebook and Instagram posts, according to the company’s monthly report.

The social media group has banned 3.07 crore posts on Facebook and 30 lakh posts on Instagram under the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Codes of Digital Ethics) Rules, 2021.

Compared to August, the number of active content has increased.

What is the point of this story?

  • Amid low quarterly numbers and doubts about the metaverse, Meta has released its monthly compliance report.
  • It talks about the issues users face on two of the biggest social media websites and how the tech giant is dealing with them.
  • On the financial side, India has been the company’s only silver bank recently. Therefore, it is important to provide Indian users with the best experience.

29 lakh ‘adult nudity and prostitution’ were taken

Out of 3.07 crore Facebook posts retrieved by Meta, 2.33 crore were spam content. This was followed by 29 lakh posts related to “hard nature and sexual activity,” while 27 lakh were categorized as “violent and graphic images.”

The company also identified 4.33 lakh content related to “infanticide – female genital mutilation” and 3.59 lakh in “infanticide – domestic violence and physical abuse.”

The lowest intensity rating was in the ‘bullying and harassment’ category.

On Facebook, Meta’s active rating is the highest for handling posts that are “violent and graphic.” The speed rating shows the percentage of content and scores made before users report it. It’s the least of the columns about “bullying and harassment.”

Most of the posts taken down on Instagram violated the ‘suicide and self-harm’ policy

On Instagram, Meta removed content for violating 12 policies. Most of them were against its policy about “suicide and self-harm.” Posts that violate policies related to “violent and graphic content” and “adult content and sexual activity” are tracked.

The company showed the highest rate of handling of posts with “violent and graphic violence” and “suicide and personal injury.”

In September, Meta received 587 complaints through the Indian complaint system. “Account has been hacked” is the main reason behind the reports.

On Instagram, the company received 1,115 reports through the complaint process. “Fake message claiming to be me” is the main reason behind Instagram’s complaints.

Meta handled most of the complaints by providing “proper tools” to users.


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