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Madonna confessed on social media that she was not circumcised – a surgery performed on the male genitalia after giving birth.

“I have a confession to share,” the Queen of Pop, 64, wrote on a black screen via her Instagram account on Thursday.

The “Hung Up” singer posted a series of selfies of herself wearing pink, yellow and black-rimmed sunglasses and a light blue skirt while sipping on a glass of white wine.

Madonna used the Instagram Story writing tool to make each word its own four-image story.

“I was not circumcised [sic],” the message ended.

In the final photo, Madonna takes off her skirt and puts it on her head as if to symbolize the actual surgery that removes the foreskin of the child.

The “Vogue” singer recently used social media to make more confessions and give her fans a closer look at her life.

Madonna is on her way
The Queen of Pop did not elaborate on the purpose and meaning of Instagram stories.
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Earlier this month, Madonna came out as gay in a funny video posted on TikTok.

The music icon also worried fans about some of his comments. Recently, Madonna posted a personal video on Instagram in which she looked into the camera and fans called her “unrecognizable” and “different.”

“Place face please, unknown :(,” read one popular comment.

Madonna is surrounded by people
Madonna’s fans called her “freaky” in an Instagram video.
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“What did you do to Madonna? Where is she?” another fan wrote.

“I’m sorry… but this is kind of scary. You are beautiful the way you are. It’s sad that many women are sick of wanting to look 20 forever and go to sea with fillers and surgery,” said another user.

Fans also split over comments in April that she didn’t look like her in another TikTok video and compared her to reality TV star twins Darcey and Stacey Silva who are famous for many plastic strokes.


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