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Someone using the S-Pen with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Apple launched its latest iPads Pro via press release this week, and while these devices are appealing to those in the Apple ecosystem, they don’t do anything for the majority of Android. If you’re looking for a great Android tablet, check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, $100 off now through this Sunday.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra isn’t just your modern tablet. It’s crazy-powerful with a massive 14.6-inch display, a smooth 120Hz refresh rate, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, and a massive 11,200mAh battery. In short, this thing is a media-consuming, web-browsing, task-shredding beast.

Like most Samsung devices, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra also comes with DeX support. So if you indeed if you want to use your new tablet, you can connect it to an external monitor, allowing you to do more without turning on your desktop.

Along with DeX, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra comes with an S-Pen that you can use to take notes, draw, or navigate the tablet’s user interface. This device can be paired with a book cover keyboard (sold separately) for a laptop-like experience.

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra for $999.99 ($100 off). This variant comes with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, both of which are upgradeable if you’re willing to shell out the extra cash. If you do, you’ll find that Samsung is offering even bigger discounts on more expensive models. The choice is up to you.


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