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Love Is Blind’s Raven deleted SK’s photos from her Instagram

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Love Is Blind star Raven Ross has deleted photos of her boyfriend SK from her Instagram page in November 2022. The deletion of the photos comes at a time when many rumors swirling about Raven’s relationship with SK.

Some social media users have taken to the internet to claim that SK has cheated.

However, when the news first broke, Raven said she was “standing by her husband” via TikTok. Now that she has deleted most of SK’s photos from her IG page, fans are wondering why.

Raven and SK on Love is Blind

Raven Ross and SK Alagbada participated in Love Is Blind season 3. They both joined the pods of the show and continued to participate.

They were together several times in the movie Love Is Blind and in a test to see if love is blind, the couple had the opportunity to walk down the aisle together at the end of the show if they want to get married.

SK and Raven meet at the altar on their wedding day, and when Raven is ready to say “I do”, SK says “I don’t” on their big day because she’s not ready for marriage.

Raven stood next to her husband

Since the end of the show, the Love Is Blind event came out, fans have been wondering where the couples are with their lovers today.

The event featured SK and Raven’s relationship, while Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton, Alexia Alfia and Brennan Lemieux were also married.

There were some cheating rumors that SK and Raven’s relationship appeared in November 2022, but she said that she is still close to her husband through a deleted TikTok video.

SK’s photos have been deleted

On November 20, some of Raven’s 698k followers noticed that some photos had been removed from her page.

His Instagram grid looks different than it used to, but he still has pictures of himself and SK’s mother.

Although most of SK’s twins are gone, Raven’s wedding day post from November 4th is still up with photos of her and SK.

He has not removed all of SK’s photos or videos from his TikTok page.

Reality Titbit and GRV Media have contacted SK for comment on the allegations.



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