Kim Kardashian surprises Instagram fans with Mystique costume for Halloween | Tech Reddy


Iis t Halloween Nights and famous people in the world are wearing and showing their clothes through social media, as well Kim Kardashian one of them.

The popular actress is dressed as Mystique from the X-Men and goes all out wearing a blue latex dress.

Kim Kardashian special birthday photos

Not only was she dressed up, but she painted parts of her body blue to really embrace the role.

The result is one of the most amazing Halloween costumes in years, one that she shared with her 332 million Instagram followers through a series of posts. He shared a video, along with some photos.

Kim Kardashian isn’t just Mystique

In addition to sharing some individual Mystique posters, Kim Kardashian also shared a group photo.

This showed how he was together Olivia man a Natalie Halcroand the former dresses as Magik for Halloween and the latter as Selene.

Kim Kardashian’s Halloween party

That is believed Kim Kardashian attended a special Halloween party over the weekend and that’s when the photos and videos were taken.

Now, on Halloween night, many of his fans try to pull off the costumes while going to their own parties.


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