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Social shopping is growing in popularity – with the widespread use of social media apps and the ease of completing a transaction without leaving the app, it’s no wonder social shopping sales reach $45.74 billion by 2022. More more than half of adults in the country shop on social media.

Margo Mulvihill, CEO of Where Digital Goes, a sales-focused social media agency, shares tips on using Instagram’s marketing features to increase sales.

Simplicity and ease of use

“Make the purchase process easy and convenient for customers. Customers can see all the product details and buy directly from your Instagram page, which will make them more likely to buy,” said Mulvihill. The fewer obstacles or clicks there are between the product page and the checkout, the better the chances are for customers to complete the transaction. “Encourage customers to buy your products by including links and marketing symbols on the product page in your post. This way, they can click on the link and be taken directly to the page where they can they complete their purchase.

“Not only will the shopping experience be beautiful for customers and they will be more likely to return, but it will also give you content and engagement that the algorithm can do for you,” he added.

Beautiful Beauty

In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words. Great, beautiful images are key, as they are the first impression a customer has of your product, and the motivation for potential customers to move along their shopping journey.

“Consumers need to be able to see all the details of the product in the image, so use close-up images and avoid using filters that can remove colors,” advises Mulvihill. .

On-brand copy is also important to accompany the images. “Use clear and concise labels that include all the information about the product, such as price, size and color. Keep the language simple and easy to understand so that customers can quickly all the information they need. Also, let your natural personality shine through in the language you use – people are more likely to buy from those they connect with.”

Bachelor’s Degrees

With algorithms changing faster than we can keep up with, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach new audiences. The platforms are set up to encourage users to pay for ads to reach potential customers. But hashtags are one way to get your posts in front of a new audience.

“Use hashtags that describe your product. This will help potential customers find your product easily.

Doing the right thing and researching the hashtags that are popular right now can pay off by reaching a larger audience. And the more input on each post, the better the algorithms.

Get Rewards and Promotions

A little encouragement can help new customers hit the buy button for the first time. “Offering discounts and promotions will help drive sales from loyal customers and encourage new customers to purchase your product.”

When running ads with a promotional code, you can also use the code to track conversions and measure the success of your campaign. It’s a win-win for both the consumer and the brand.

Stories and Fun

“Stories are a great way to present your products in a fun and creative way. You can use stories to show fans behind the scenes of your business or to promote fresh produce,” Mulvihill said.

More than 500 million Instagrammers use the story every day. With the ever-present power of visual consumption, content can allow brands to express deeper and more personal content.

70% of Generation Z and 59% of millennials watch content on Instagram – if you have a younger audience, content can be an effective way to reach them.

Price Notice

“Use paid ads to reach your audience on Instagram. Showcase your products in all their glory, experiment with all screen immersion formats,” says Mulvihill.

When creating ads for Instagram, it’s important to run A/B tests to find out what works, and then spend more money on what works. Run engaging and engaging ads that feature shoppable ads, which may include partnering with influencers or promoting the ads you’ve already received in your ad.

Mulvihill added that it’s important to “evaluate data and adjust strategies to drive sales.”


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