Instagram’s TikTok Dilemma – Why It’s a Bad Idea | by Mofrad Muntasir | November, 2022 | Tech Reddy

Instagram’s TikTok Dilemma – Why It’s a Bad Idea |  by Mofrad Muntasir |  November, 2022

 | Tech Reddy


Since September 2016, Tiktok has started to change the nature of social media and video platforms.

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In September 2016, a new social media was born — Tiktok.

This isn’t the first time a disturbing idea has surfaced on social media. Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin have all been affected by Snapchat.

Some of them took inspiration from Snapchat’s secret messaging format. Linkedin and Twitter – lucky for them – were pulled before they changed their DNA.

However, Snapchat is not as big as Tiktok.

Tiktok was designed to be perfect to keep new-age users entertained for hours without getting bored. His unique focus on videos makes him a favorite.

And as you can imagine, its success inspired other brands to launch similar products such as YouTube shorts, Facebook Reels, and Crazy Instagram cows.

Since the introduction of the Revolutions, the foundation has changed, for the worse.

It does not show photos of friends or pages you follow only. Your news feed is filled with recommendations from pages you never clicked on.

If you go to the explore option, you will see how much Instagram has changed.

“Remake Instagram Instagram. Stop trying to TikTok, I want to see cute photos of my friends. Hello everyone.” — Kylie Jenner, the second most popular person on the platform (373m followers)

Since Kylie Jenner released this information, Adam Mosseri (CEO of Instagram) admitted that the platform has more information.

“The idea is to help you discover new and amazing things on Instagram that you may not even know exist. We will continue to try and improve the recommendations so because we think this is one of the most effective and important ways to help creators reach more people.

Instagram, a platform originally designed for photographers to share their videos, is no longer for them. Photographers are now branching out to platforms that suit their needs.

Here is a list of problems created by Instagram and Videos

  • The main purpose and base of users — those who shared photos, memories, etc.
  • Changed the way the app works — by adding recommendations to news reports and focusing on reels
  • The brand was weakened by broadening its focus – as founder Al Ries said: “The narrower the focus, the stronger the brand”
  • Users’ trust was revoked by changing the product they signed up for
  • The opportunity was given to compete with brands to create an alternative to Instagram

It’s a simple but expensive solution.

Instagram or Meta has launched a new brand called Reels by Instagram instead of putting everything in one brand.

Yes, it is difficult to get a lot of users to sign up for a new program. However, with Meta’s strength, they have reached that point.

And they can protect the photo area and the video area separately.

However, most companies shy away from creating new brands and prefer to add features to what they already have. This misconception is one of the main reasons why competition can generate profits and capture market share.

It’s easy to get influenced by what the popular kids are doing and forget who you are.

It is also easy to forget the needs of the changing times and become old like Nokia.

The answer lies in the balance. However, remember who you are and be careful whenever you change your identity.


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