Bec Judd pays fans monthly to access ‘exclusive’ Instagram content, social media backlash | Tech Reddy

Bec Judd pays fans monthly to access ‘exclusive’ Instagram content, social media backlash

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WAG and model Bec Judd has introduced a $7.49-a-month fee for fans to access “exclusive” content on her Instagram page, and not everyone is happy with the move.

Announcing the development on Sunday, Judd – who is married to former AFL player Chris Judd and has her activewear label called Jaggad – said she would take paying subscribers “back in the views” of his “new design projects” and social events and delivery. they “special access to work”.

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A monthly fee allows fans to send messages to the WAG, something they can’t do now.

Bec Judd has launched a subscription service. Credits: Instagram/Bec Judd

“Do you need advice on a renovation project or help with your wardrobe?” Judd asked fans in a post hyping his new role.

On his Instagram account, Judd answered more questions about the new project.

“Don’t worry, the subscription is an added bonus to my account that you can install for a small monthly fee,” Judd said.

“But my account won’t go anywhere and stay free. You’ll see a lot of these subscription accounts start to pop up all over Instagram. They are popular in the US and on Instagram I have a chance.

Bec Judd. Credits: Instagram/Bec Judd

In a video, Judd said people want to know “what they’re getting” for signing up.

“I think – it’s all new, like I enabled today,” Judd began. “I just saw it pop up on my Instagram and I was right.

“I follow a few people in America that I can subscribe to because I’ve been there for a while, and I think there’s a lot more everyday stuff.

“So my Instagram page, it’s really bright and beautiful, and I think my subscription page will be more than just behind the scenes, what’s going on in the shoots, how I design the when I’m designing or in. a product or a range for Jaggad, which takes you through the whole journey of all my work.”

Bec Judd. Credits: Instagram/Bec Judd

Judd said that within hours of the subscription option becoming available, he had been inundated with people direct-messaging him to “help them with the tiles” and “have where to start and decorate the new city buildings”.

“I have a lot of practical questions and a lot of business advice that I can give my subscribers,” Judd said.

In a follow-up video, Judd thanked his viewers for using the filter.

“I’m really hungry, and I’m kind of scared without this filter,” he said.

While some fans were happy to sign up for a subscription, others were more cautious.

“Wait, now we have to pay you to ‘influence’ you to buy stuff you’ve already been paid to promote?” asked one follower.

“It’s ridiculous how stupid our society is to fall for things like this. I like to talk to him about his business acumen but why are people so dumb to pay to read him.

“If some people don’t have money,” added another.

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