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Meta Instagram introduced new security measures and features for parents to have more control over their feed and information than last year. In a recent development, the video and photo sharing platform is restricting sensitive content for new teenage users by default on the app.

With the latest update, Instagram users under the age of 16 will be included in its filtered version of the application, unless they manually change the setting. In addition, Instagram is testing a new way that allows young people to review and update their security and settings.

In a blog post on Thursday, Instagram has announced that it will expand the rules for sensitive content for young users. There are only two options for teenagers- “Standard’ and “Less.” According to the social media platform, Instagram users 16 years of age enter the “Less” mode and for Existing users will be prompted by Instagram to select the “Smaller” option.

Additionally, with the latest update, Instagram will filter out sensitive content across Search, Browse, Hashtag Pages, Videos, Featured Feeds, and Thoughts Accounts for younger users.

Instagram users who are over 18 years of age, in contrast, have access to the options “Standard”, “Smaller”, and “More” and the last option allows them to see the more sensitive content or accounts after the default settings.

In addition to this, the video sharing app also asks users under the age of 18 on the app to perform a settings review to update security and privacy settings. This way, teens can limit who can share their content, who can direct messages and contact them, and what content fans can view. . Instagram also presents prompts that ask young people to evaluate how they can manage their time on the platform.

All these new measures are being implemented with the intention of creating a safe environment for teenagers on the social media platform. Instagram last year also introduced a sensitivity filter that allows users to set limits on how much sensitive content they can see on their “Explore” page. site and manage content suitable for children.

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