Instagram denies claims that users’ location has been shared with followers | Tech Reddy


Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri and his social media team have denied claims that their app tracks location data and shares it with followers who search for your exact location.

According to GSM Arena, a popular ad claims “an upcoming iOS update” made it so that “people can find your exact location from Instagram”. This has prompted many people to go to their phone’s Instagram app settings and disable location permissions for the app.

Instagram’s Comms tweeted about the viral post, explaining what Instagram’s policies are about location data. They wrote, “People can control Location Services through their device settings, and specify locations on their posts if they want to share that information.”

In another tweet, they added, “To be clear, we do not share your location with others. Like other social media companies, we use a legitimate location for things like tags. location and plan features.”

In addition to that, Mosseri explained that the Instagram toolkit enables location tracking but the app does not have access to the location of the user or other people.

A viral Instagram post is not the best place to find real information, it is important to verify such information. The original post didn’t say if the feature was caused by Instagram, but it was related to the “latest iOS update” without any issues, according to GSM Arena.

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