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New Delhi: Instagram has announced that it will start testing a new feature to protect users from being naked in chats. Instagram users are complaining about getting unsolicited nudes in their Instagram direct stories. The feature, called ‘Send Nest’, will roll out to users in the coming weeks.

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An Instagram user named Alessandro Paluzzi has shared what appears to be a new feature in development. Reading the piece, he said Instagram is working on nudity protection for chats. The technology, he said, is on your device and covers images that may contain nudity in chats. Instagram can’t access photos.

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The Verge reports that Meta has confirmed that it is working to protect users from inappropriate nude photos. “The feature remains optional and is still in the early stages of development,” says Meta.

According to Meta, the technology does not allow Meta to view actual messages or share them with third parties. “We are working with experts to ensure that these new features protect people’s privacy and give them control over the messages they receive,” said Meta spokesperson Liz Fernandez told The Verge.

The goal of the program is to protect users from online harassment, which means sending unsolicited messages to strangers, many of whom are women. It may be harmful for the mental health of users.


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