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In a series of updates to Instagram ads, the app is popping up ads in other places, like public comments and the Browse tab.

Other updates include augmented reality (AR) ads and multi-promotion ads.

Finally, Instagram gives advertisers a choice of royalty-free music to use with Reels ads.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest updates on Instagram ads.

Instagram Posts include comments and feed browsing

Instagram is testing ads in user profiles, although only select developers will see results from each.

Ads will begin to appear in the profile pages of public Instagram accounts for users over 18.

The profile feeding refers to the vertical scrolling experience activated when a user taps a thumbnail on a user profile. It has nothing to do with the story gridwill be free from advertisements.

Instagram is experimenting with the ability to share revenue generated from ads and creators, although it is not as easy as this feature.

In a post, Instagram said:

“As part of this test, we will try to have a revenue opportunity that allows the authorized manufacturers to earn additional income from the ads displayed in their profiles, starting with US manufacturers. “

There is no information on eligibility criteria or revenue sharing at this time.

Another new screen Instagram is introducing ads to is the Explore home feed, which is the first grid you’ll land on when selecting the search tab.

See what the new Explore ads look like in the example below:

Instagram is placing ads on your feedDescription from:, October 2022.

Multi-Purpose Advertising

Instagram’s new multi-poster format allows ads to appear alongside other advertisers’ posts.

This includes, in some cases, advertisements from affiliated or complementary businesses. For example, an ad for a wedding dress might appear next to an ad for a wedding cake.

AI and machine learning automatically determine the ad group.

For advertisers who don’t want their ads to appear in the carousel or other businesses, Instagram offers the ability to run multi-target ads.

AR News

Instagram is launching an open beta of AR ads first with Stories.

Through an AR experience powered by Spark AR, brands can encourage people to interact and impact their environment.

An example is shown below:

Instagram is placing ads on your feedDescription from:, October 2022.

Non-Musical Uses For Music Videos

Instagram is now allowing advertisers to use a selection of royalty-free music in Reels ads.

Free, high-quality music from the Meta Sound Collection library can be added to carousel ads on Videos.

Readers can choose songs manually or let Instagram automatically select the best music for a post based on its content.

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