Instagram has added a new “Engagement Management” feature to its platform / Digital World | Tech Reddy

Instagram has added a new “Engagement Management” feature to its platform / Digital World

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The social media group Instagram has released a new feature to some users. The new feature has given users the power to control the posts they see on their feed based on their preferences.

According to a tweet sent by Pippa Akram, a social media consultant, on November 17, he saw the “Internet Management” section in his account settings just below “Additions.” Pippa wrote that she believes the new feature will allow her to control content, which is muted or snoozed, more accurately.

However, the same post retweeted by Matt Navarra after being quoted by Pippa Akram. Matt, an analyst and application researcher, said that he has not yet reached the feature, which means that it has not yet been released to the whole world, and it is possible that the first beta versions will be allowed to be used by many specified users.

In an 8-second video shared by Pippa about how the Manage Interests feature looks, users can see multiple options, including music, sports, pop culture, fashion, and more, by the owner. of the profile can indicate the content that should be controlled by AI to improve the user experience of the application. It has not been tested whether the situation is as good as the options given.

These days, application developers are doing a lot to make Instagram safe for everyone. After being caught in several cases where the application was suspected of not being a safe place, the developers introduced new features or updated the old ones to give users more power.

By changing direct message settings to keep private message requests and prevent young users from receiving follow-up requests from people they may not know or of a different age, the ask these users to protect themselves from the things that don’t exist. ‘do not want to appear on their profile.

Since there has been no announcement about the global release, it can be assumed that the owners of Instagram can fix the process.

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