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Instagram announced today that it will begin testing a new feature of its full-screen feed, similar to TikTok, which aims to improve the quality of images in this new format. The company said it will also use this test to test changes to the navigation bar at the bottom of the Instagram app, where it will add shortcuts for creating posts and accessing messages.

As you remember, Instagram has compromised its Compose button in 2020 when it gave the first place in the middle of the navigation bar to Videos. The Compose button is located in the top-right corner of the app. Instagram’s opt-in may have worked by driving users to News – if only by accident, in some cases – but it also prevented users from making quick posts. The fact that Instagram will now try to return the button to the navigation bar indicates that the creation of new content is decreasing as more people shift their time and energy to TikTok.

As for the full-screen feed, Instagram began a similar experiment in May where it was met with user complaints and negative feedback. In addition to hide away label a talk, the updated format showed all content in a 9:16 aspect ratio – including Instagram’s classic square photos and horizontal photos. For those photos that didn’t make the feed, Instagram will apply a soft, gradient border to blend them in. Needless to say, many Instagram user no love of this change – and explain why in their response to the Instagram chapter Adam Mosseri’s posts about the update.

Another issue for the previous test is how to feed the white space between the columns. The feed looks like a cross between TikTok’s full-screen feed and a card-style feed with split columns. Users also reported that the new format made their food seem more isolated. Now Instagram has explained to TechCrunch that the new full-screen feed test is rolling out and will not show white space at the top and bottom of posts when watching 9:16 videos.

However, the new feed holds some promise for creators, who said Instagram will start recommending their content to users who don’t follow them – similar to how TikTok targets targeted content. You like his About page. It is also very helpful to professional developers and advertisers when comparing different apps to a format, as it makes it easier to use content across platforms.

The changes were announced on Instagram by Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who said that “Instagram photos are still important” – a statement that was intended to correct the suspicions of those who use Instagram for photography and those who believe now that Instagram doesn’t care about them. contributions in his desire to shut down TikTok and convert users to video.

Zuckerberg’s announcement also said that Instagram is working on ways to improve the quality of the photos that appear in this full-screen feed that some users will see when the test comes to the app. He did not elaborate on what Instagram is doing to address user concerns.

The changes to the navigation bar were not mentioned in his post, nor were they shown in the photos provided by Instagram (above). But a spokesman said they were in response to a question about how this test was different from the one that came in May.


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