‘Instagram down’: Users around the world complain after accounts are suspended | Tech Reddy


Instagram users around the world on Monday were hit with a login error after many of them received messages saying ‘We have suspended your account’. In a tweet, Instagram’s communications team explained, “We understand that some of you are having trouble accessing your Instagram account. We are investigating and apologize for the inconvenience.

Many users took to Twitter after social media platform Meta “suspended” their accounts.

“@instagram what’s going on? My account was suspended for no reason and I didn’t violate the community guidelines and when I tried to verify the code I got a loading error. Anyone else having the same problem? this,” one user wrote.

DownDetector has reported problems that have occurred in the past hour, with a large number of users having trouble accessing accounts. About 7,000 Instagram users were affected, the hacker revealed.

This comes days after WhatsApp – another social media platform owned by Meta – suffered a massive loss.


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