Instagram doesn’t make an iPad app, but its web interface is getting better | Tech Reddy


The CEO of Instagram has explained that the iPad app is not a priority for the company, but is doing something to make the big-screen experience better. Some people, including some members of The Rightemployees, already began to see Instagram has a new look for the web, which shows a navigation bar with links to pages like search, explore, messages, and notifications, instead of being a button without a label on it.

The design is similar to Twitter’s layout and looks more at home on a larger screen – you’ll get more information about what the buttons are and what they do, and options to access go to settings, your saved posts, or power. to change accounts moved to the “more” menu instead of hidden under your profile picture.

The update includes better navigation and videos, as well as “immersive” DMing.

Not all of the new UI, but something to say The Right from Meta spokesperson Christine Pai, the change seems to be different from the test. Pai wrote: “We are always working to improve the website experience for people. We recently made an update to update, including improving navigation, optimizing the visual experience, and introducing an immersive approach to DM.

Instagram screenshot for the website, with home, messages, and plus, a compass, and a heart button on top.

Some users have the old version of Instagram for the website, where you navigate through the buttons on it.

Of course, this isn’t quite the same as having a dedicated app designed for tablets, but it seems like a step in the right direction. Instagram is improving the web experience, adding touch / click targets that will be more and more transparent and welcomed by everyone who accesses the desktop platform.


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