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An Instagram bug that crashes the iOS app upon opening has affected many users on Wednesday. On the internet, a few users shared their reports about the bug, which seems to be not widespread at the moment – but some iPhone users are still annoyed.

Update: A spokesperson for Meta (who owns Instagram) said. 9 to 5 Mac the latest update to the Instagram app for iOS fixes the bug. You must download it on the App Store. You can read the original article below.

The Instagram app on iOS is crashing

As reported by these users, the Instagram app on iOS just stopped working. Once users tap the app icon, it will show the launch screen and crash. After this, the iPhone will return users to the iOS home screen. Again, the bug doesn’t affect many users.

Here, for example, Instagram is working as expected, but some 9 to 5 Mac readers have seen the Instagram crash. According to some reports, even restarting the phone was not enough to fix the bug. Some users were able to reactivate the Instagram app after reinstalling the app, but there is no official work so far.

“Same as my @instagram app after 24 hours. Restarted and reinstalled 3 times. Nothing,” said one user. On Twitter, people are using the hashtag “instagramcrash” to share their reports of the bug.

At this time, it is not clear what caused the problem with Instagram. Affected users will be unable to access Instagram through a web browser until the bug is fixed. Instagram has yet to acknowledge the situation or release an update to fix the bug for affected users.

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