Instagram attempts to ban video posts in support of Videos | Tech Reddy


Instagram is testing a change that will turn video ads into Reels, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. The company says the change, which is currently being tested with select users around the world, is part of Instagram’s plan to simplify video on the app.

“We’re testing this feature as part of our effort to simplify and improve the video experience on Instagram,” a Meta spokesperson said in an email.

A photo was posted on Twitter by social media consultant Matt Navarra It shows that people taking part in the test will see an in-app notification that says “video posts have been shared as Reels.”

The message indicates that if your account is public and you post a video that turns into a Video, anyone can see your Video and use your original audio to create their own Video. If your account is set to private, your Feed will only be visible to your followers. The post also mentions that when you post a Video, people can make remixes with your Video if you have enough money. However, you can prevent people from combining io Videos with your account settings.

As with other tests, it is not known when Instagram plans to make a bigger change. If the change is sustained, some challenges may arise. For example, it may be difficult to post a horizontal video if it is posted in a vertical Scrolling format. Additionally, Instagram did not say how this change will affect existing videos on Instagram.

The test comes when Meta is betting big on the Spins. As part of its Q1 2022 earnings, the company revealed that it is now Reels more than 20% of time people spend on Instagram. It’s no surprise that Instagram is looking to increase Videos by replacing video posts. If the company ends up making this change, it can boast about the people who spend a lot of time watching Movies.

Last year, Instagram head Adam Mosseri said the app was “still not a photo-sharing app,” and said the company was focusing on switching to video amid big competition from TikTok and YouTube. The company will contribute to its ambitious goal of making video a bigger part of the Instagram experience by combining long-form IGTV videos and Instagram Feed videos into a new format called “Instagram Video. “

If Instagram decides to turn all video posts into Videos, it will further consolidate the company’s video segments. Last year, when Mosseri proposed Instagram’s top trends for 2022, he said the company will double down on video and focus on Videos. He added that Instagram will consolidate all of its video products around Reels and continue to grow the short-term product, indicating that this change is still the plan.


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