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How to earn ₹ 1000 daily from stock market? 2023

How to earn money from Stock Market? : Hello friends, how are you, I have given you a lot of information related to Stock Market, first of all, how did I become a successful investor in Stock Market? It was explained very well after that I told you how to choose a good share market? But today’s topic is going to be one of these. Today we will tell you how to earn ₹ 1000 daily from Stock Market. If you people also want to earn money from Stock Market, then definitely read this post of mine till the end.

Today I will tell you the ways to earn ₹ 1000 daily from Stock Market and how much work you can do to earn ₹ 1000 daily. How can this work? By investing how much money in the stock market, we can earn ₹ 1000 daily and don’t know how many questions come in people’s mind. Today I will give you the answers to those questions. Along with this, you will also know how to invest in Stock Market so that you can earn ₹ 1000 per day.

Friends, as you all know, the Stock Market remains open for about 20 days in a month. There is a holiday on Saturday and Sunday. If there is a holiday for one or two days in between, then in this way only about 20 days in a month can work in the stock market.

If we earn ₹ 1000 every day, then we can earn ₹ 30000 in a month, now this thing must be coming in your mind. That man leaves home and goes to Delhi-Mumbai to earn ₹ 10 – ₹ 15000 a month. So how can we earn thousands of rupees from Stock Market by sitting at home through mobile. So the answer is yes friends, you can absolutely earn money from Stock Market.

If you are an old investor who is associated with the Stock Market, then you would know this very well. Those who have not yet entered the Stock Market. Or if they do not know the ABC of Stock Market then they might be finding this thing wrong but this thing is 100% correct. That you can earn thousand rupees daily from Stock Market by doing a little hard work.

Below I will tell you only 5 points by following which you can definitely earn ₹ 1000 daily from Stock Market.

1) How much capital will have to be invested?

First of all our question comes out that how much money we have to invest in Stock Market to earn ₹ 1000 every day. So by investing 1000, you cannot earn ₹ 1000 daily.

Even if you invest ₹ 10000, you still cannot earn ₹ 1000 daily. That is, how much money you will have to invest is the correct answer. You will have to invest at least ₹ 50000 in Stock Market, only then you can earn ₹ 1000 in 1 day.

When you have 6 months of experience then you can apply lakh rupees. And after 1 year put ₹ 500000 in it, before that don’t put ₹ 500000 at all.

2) how much time will have to work

You just have to take a little time to study what is going to happen in which stocks today before the Stock Market opens. For this you can watch CNBC Awaaz or Zee Business Channel.

You can download Moneycontrol application on mobile and study in that also. You take out 1 to 2 hours daily and give it to the Stock Market. In the Stock Market, in the beginning, in the middle and at the time of closing of the market, do see carefully how the market is fluctuating.

3) Invest with your capital

Many people say that in intraday trading, you can trade 10 times your capital, not with the capital of the broker. Means if you have ₹ 100000 capital then you can buy and sell 1000000 stock. But friends, it can prove to be more dangerous.

Because the company where I have my demat account has money. In this you have to sell the shares on the same day if you have your own money. So, instead of selling on the same day, you can sell on the next day also, in this you will have the possibility of more profit.

Some people did not like the fact that the money of any company should not be invested in stocks. Because often people do the same thing, this is my opinion, further your choice.

4) sometimes bear the loss

Many times we get loss in intraday trading, we try to make up for it on the same day itself. Which is absolutely wrong if we have bought the shares of any company. And put a stoploss of 2% in it, it has come down by 2% on the same day. So in this we will lose 2% if we want to. If it recovers the 2% loss today itself, then we buy some other stock.

5) Don’t do daily transactions

There are many people who transact daily but no matter how much the market comes down or rises. He buys and sells stocks every day which is absolutely wrong.

Some day there are so many ups and downs in the market that we do not understand anything and when we do not understand. So we should not look at it at all. The day we understand, we will be able to invest in the market. And from the same day we should start investing.

You will know this from experience and neither will you be able to know from the investor, many stocks are also like this. Which increases by more than 10% in 1 day. Those people get the same identity who have been working in this market for many years.






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