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Take a moment and think back to one of your most painful life experiences – whether it was a breakup, betrayal, or losing a loved one. Now think back to the days, weeks, and months that followed that event, and imagine that after all your pain, grief, and healing, you had to bring your trauma back into the open while the whole world watched. Sounds like torture, doesn’t it? It’s okay to be the harsh reality of reality TV.

Often months pass between a movie and a reality show airing, and that delay doesn’t just mean that viewers are watching important things like birthdays, weddings, and great drama happen later than they would have happened IRL. It also means that the filmmakers have to redo any pain they experienced during reshoots. This is the 2nd time The Kardashians, for example, we got the scoop on Khloé learning that her ex-wife, Tristan Thompson, not only cheated on her (again), but got pregnant by another woman. (All the while expecting a second child with Khloe!) The season premiere showed Khloé dealing with the betrayal and fearing the public’s reaction, but by the time the episode aired, it was old news being unnecessarily thrust into the spotlight again. The father’s lawsuit against Thompson broke in June 2021, and we learned that Khloé and Tristan were expecting their second child in July 2022. But the drama did not play on the screen until September 2022, which meant that Khloé had to return to her dark chapter. life and open old wounds more than a year later.

Khloé and Tristan’s situation is dire, but she’s far from the only reality star who’s had to rekindle a previous relationship or break up due to long-distance broadcasts. One of the Selling the sunsetThe most memorable pain – Chrishell Stause’s divorce from Justin Hartley – was played on the screen in August 2020, months after Hartley filed in November 2019. revealed her relationship and split with manager Jason Oppenheim months after their December 2021 split. Extreme TV dating shows also force people to relive past relationships, romances, and heartbreaks galore. Each year, candidates continue Degree, I The Bacheloretteand Bachelor in Paradise sit back and catch their breath as viewers watch their love stories unfold on screen. If that wasn’t sad enough, when the end comes, the leaders of the flagship shows sit in front of a live audience to watch and share their differences on stage. These shows not only hurt the reality stars, but also promote an unpleasant viewing experience for the fans.

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In some cases, like recently Love Is Blind: Behind the Altar episodes, broadcast delays provide a check and seemingly successful couples who break up while fans are singing. Love is blind Season 2 – Jarrette and Iyanna, and Nick and Danielle – were still engaged and happy during the reunion weekend, which aired in September 2022, but at the end of the special, a black screen appeared with the following message: “Since filming. , Jarrette and Iyanna, and Nick and Danielle have decided to end their marriages. While their journey together is over, love is always worth taking the risk. We thank the iPod Squad for opening their hearts and sharing their stories with the world.” Contestants Deepti and Kyle, who decide to start dating while filming Behind the altaralso broke up by the time the episodes aired, meaning all three couples had to watch the world enjoy their pre-split weekends knowing that their relationship had changed a lot since then.

Now, reality stars know exactly what they are getting themselves into when they allow their lives to be documented. They know that there is a risk that the events will go down during the filming so they don’t want to be reminded of the upcoming airtime, but knowing that risk does not make them worry about finding painful things from the past or having viewers who are difficult for them. In the latest episode of The Kardashians, Khloé opened up about how difficult it is to have someone’s pain appear on screen long after it happened. “It’s really emotional… We have to live things that we know are not pleasant to remember, and we have to go through these things that we’ve put behind us, and it hurts,” he said when explaining his anxiety. before the premiere of Hulu’s Season 1. “It sounds like the scariest thing. Refreshing everything – amazing and wonderful. It’s really hard.”

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This is season 2 The Kardashians it also shows Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson happily dating , but we know that the couple is called to stop in August 2022. However, the separation is not the only painful reality stars are forced to renew when they show the spirit. Shows including Bravo The Real Housewives of Potomac they have shown the shape of the body; This is the 4th season Bachelor in Paradise highlight allegations of sexual harassment made on set; even after appearing in Season 5 this Selling the sunset pregnant, the model’s partner Maya Vander gave birth stillborn in December 2021 after filming. In an interview with TODAY, Vander said her pregnancy loss made the season difficult to recover from. I used to watch [the season] a few times,” Vander said in May 2022. But this time, I was like, ‘Okay, I’m good,’ after watching it for the first time.

In most cases, reality TV serves as an entertaining, dramatic escape for stars and viewers alike, but there are certain techniques that can make viewers desensitized to a reality TV show. It can be difficult to know which emotions are real and which are made for the camera, but in cases where the delay between the movie and the broadcast creates a painful, unpleasant viewing experience, it is important to remember that the stars are at the center of these screens. injury again. And that’s not always easy.


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