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Haryana to deploy IoT, drones for government services

New Delhi: The Haryana government plans to deploy multiple IoT (Internet of Things) solutions connecting drones to launch various new schemes as part of its smart city plan.

“We are trying to connect the use of drones and IoT solutions. To begin with, these will be implemented in Gurgaon, Karnal and Faridabad as the framework for smart cities is already in place there,” Anand Mohan Saran, Additional Principal Secretary, Department of Information Technology Electronics and Communications, Industries and Commerce, Haryana told ETTelecom.

Initially, we plan to use drones to identify and repair potholes after the monsoon season and for crop management such as spraying pesticides and fertilisers, he said, adding that our smart cities will have multiple solutions around IoT.

IoT devices are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet. “In the era of 5G, this will gain importance as we move towards Industry 4.0.”

The move, if played well, could destabilize the duopoly of foreign-origin vendors such as Finnish Nokia and Swedish Ericsson.

“A data center policy has also been introduced in the state and now schemes are being worked out on how to extend benefits to investors and individuals,” Sharan said.

Incentives under the schemes are nearing finalisation, he added.

The Haryana government will declare the data center space as a separate infrastructure industry and also declare it as an energy-intensive industry. The government will declare data centers as an essential service under the Haryana Essential Services Maintenance Act, 1974.

The state has launched the Drone Corporation, and is also developing a policy to regulate unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones. A training institute to train drone pilots is also being set up in the state under Drone Imaging and Information Services of Haryana Limited. .

Regarding the rollout of 5G, he said, “5G rollout is at a very early stage. Government of India has come up with a nice set of parameters that every state has to take. We are actively working to facilitate the 5G rollout and within the next three to six months, we should be in a position to make this happen. Various policies regarding street furniture etc. need to be amended.

We already have smart classrooms and plan to have up to 10 smart classrooms in each college, he added.

Yotta Infrastructure, co-founder and chairman, Darshan Hiranandani, told reporters at the launch event of Yotta D1 data center that investments will be made by Yota and its customers towards building data center campuses, procurement of IT equipment and other hardware.

Through this policy, the state government aims to create a favorable business environment and facilitate setting up of 115-120 new data centers in the state. Any data center in Haryana with power consumption of 1 MW or more will be eligible for various benefits under the new policy.


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