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Google’s “Premium” Pixel Tablet Is On Its Way By 2023

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Just when you thought Google was out of the tablet game, the company is back in. Lately I/O Developers ConferenceGoogle has teased a new Pixel tablet coming in 2023. Tensor chip.

Google’s history with tablets has been very checkered. Google’s latest tablet, the 2018 Pixel Slate, tried to be both a Chrome tablet and a Chromebook. After that, Google moved away from tablets until now. According to Google head of hardware products Rick Osterloh, the Pixel Tablet will instead bring many of the features of Google’s Pixel phones to a larger tablet form factor, offering an Android environment. According to Osterloh, the return to tablets is part of a response to consumer interest.

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Google introduced the new Pixel tablet


The Pixel tablet is part of Google’s renewed push toward Android tablets: the company also announced that some updates to its Android OS for tablets will begin optimizing the experience for larger screens. It could be about finding ways to maximize Android on phones and devices with larger, foldable screens that tend to ignore tablets.

Very little is known about the upcoming Pixel tablet, and we don’t expect it to be foldable. But here we know.

The front of the Pixel tablet

A look at the front of the Pixel Tablet. Bezels? Yes.


It has a Google Tensor chip: Google sees its chip as a big win for its next tablet, which will offer AI features. Pixel 6. Google’s second-generation Tensor chip will be inside Pixel 7 phones this fall, it will be the next Pixel tablet to use in 2023.

It will be a phone companion: Osterloh referred to the tablet as a companion to the phone, offering a wide range of features and applications. Google’s focus on cross-device computing is aimed at moving headphones, voice assistants and other apps naturally from one device to another, and the Pixel Tablet could highlight that. Perhaps this also indicates that this tablet does not have its own cellular connection?

It will be big and not cheap: Osterloh confirmed during a Q&A with reporters ahead of Google I/O that the Pixel Tablet will be “on the bigger side” and “more premium.” Samsung latest Galaxy Tab S8 Tablets are also on the expensive side and work with connected keyboards. Perhaps Google will do the same with the Pixel Tablet.

The back of the Pixel tablet

Is it a smart connector?


The tablet has a landscape edge camera: Only a brief teaser image of the Pixel tablet was shown, and one thing stood out to me: the camera on the long edge of the front display. Apple’s iPads have cameras on the short edges for that strangely far from the center video chats. Google’s layout, like Samsung’s, appears to be optimized for video chat when connected in landscape mode and with a laptop-like keyboard.

Is it a smart connector? Yes, we see the dots behind. It’s like a smart connector for keyboards and stuff.

We don’t know yet about the price of the tablet or anything else. But we won’t know more until the tablet launches in 2023.

For more information, check out everything on display at Google I/O 2022, including Pixel Watch, Pixel 6A, Android 13 (here How to download the beta now) the and Pixel Buds Pro.


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