Google’s Gboard app has gotten a tablet-friendly design with its latest beta version | Tech Reddy


Earlier this year, Google announced that it would update most of its first-party apps with UI designs optimized for large-screen devices like flip phones and tablets. Now, the company has released a tablet-friendly UI for the Gboard app, and you can install it on your Galaxy Tab.

The 12.3 Beta version of the Gboard app is now available for the Google Play Store. It has an even higher design for the background and buttons. The updated keyboard app now feels like an extended version of the smartphone keyboard and feels like a keyboard designed specifically for tablets. In portrait screen orientation, the touch targets become narrower, but all buttons still use the same pattern.

The keyboard now has a Tab key on the left, left, and right arrow keys (great for editing text), and the comma and full stop keys have been moved to the third alphabet row. There is also a special button to hide the keyboard. The emoji button has been moved to the right of the spacebar to the left, and the top bar now shows more suggestions.

With Google once again focusing on tablets and large-screen devices, users will find tablets more productive and easier to use. Now we can expect the company to release more apps with multi-pane UI and large screen optimized design, which might prompt third-party developers to do the same. Samsung has already updated most of its stock apps with multi-pane UI for its foldables and tablets.

Google Gboard tablet UI portrait


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