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We’ve known that the Pixel tablet has been around since I/O. It was one of a trio of upcoming hardware devices previewed by the company. The other two – Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch – are coming soon. Those waiting for the company’s next swing at the tablet will have to wait until next year.

Image credits: Google

The new device is designed to be the latest flagship of the Pixel family. Of course, the system works on Android, then Material You. The company says it is partnering with a number of key developers to develop apps specifically for the larger screen. It’s all powered by the same Tensor G2 chip announced for the new Pixel 7.

Most notable here is the addition of a new charging speaker dock. As the company notes, tablets are around 80% at home, so the accessory is designed to effectively double as a large Next Hub while charging.

Image credits: Google

The system mounts magnetically into a dock designed to blend in with the rest of the Home/Nest line. It’s a smart addition that effectively helps the system play the role of two key members of the Google hardware family.

The company is promising a closer look at the Pixel tablet around 2022.

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