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Drake has sparked outrage on the internet after posting Instagram stories. The rapper promoted his joint album with 21 Savage His Loss on social media. Netizens never expected to see an anime clip on his official account.

    The rapper's Instagram story split the internet into splits (Image via Twitter)
The rapper’s Instagram story split the internet into splits (Image via Twitter)

The Hotline Bling The rapper recently took to his Instagram account and left his 124 million followers in shock. He posted a photo of hentai on his Instagram account. For the uninitiated, hentai refers to Japanese cartoons.

After posting it on her highly followed Instagram page, netizens went crazy. Many people were surprised by the rapper’s unique way of promoting his new album, which is out now.

Netizens were divided after Drake’s Instagram comments

Internet users were quick to take to Twitter to express their shock at what they saw on the singer’s Instagram page. While many found the promotional method humorous, others were deeply disturbed.

Many people online refer to Drake as a “man of manners.” A phrase commonly used by anime fans or “weebs” as they refer to themselves online. The sentence above refers to a person who watches the news that is highly valued by the weeb community. The story of this case is very clear anime.

Some of the funniest tweets read:

Yes lock Drake for those IG comments

I opened drake’s instagram story in front of my family 😭😭 why the hell did he post that???

LMAO what Drake is doing πŸ’€

Thank you Drake for fixing hentai and gaming addictions

This isn’t the only time Drake has made headlines on his Instagram account. In an Instagram post with 21 Savage, the rapper created a fake “Howard Stern Show” interview. In a hoax interview, the Grammy-winner said he has a “tendency” to date multiple women at once and can “make one woman.”

Drake explained in an interview that he likes “two things from this girl and then I like what this girl does for a living.” He also said that he likes to watch “the highest level of great donors … the superstars of the world to me.”

While promoting the pair’s joint album, the 36-year-old rapper also posted a fake Vogue cover with The Low Floor work on his Instagram account.

Who is the woman on the His Loss album cover?

As the album of tapes went up, many were curious about the woman on the cover of the new album. Complex identified the missing woman as Qui Yasuka, who was shot by Houston photographer Paris Aden. The photo features a close-up of a woman cooking into the camera, with jewelry on her teeth and colorful eyelashes.

Yasuka is said to be a skilled nail artist and mature dancer. He was born in North Carolina, of Japanese, Black and Cherokee descent.

The album cover has reportedly been in the works for three years. Commenting on how Drake chose the exclusive photo, Aden said:

β€œDrake just saw the photo I think and asked me if they could use it for the album… I was blown away by that a long time ago. His photo shoot probably means he loved what he saw.

youtube- cover

The His Loss The album has a track list of 16 songs. Drake and 21 Savage are listed as executive producers alongside the artists’ labels OVO and Slaughter Gang Entertainment.

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