Byron Baes Star left Instagram panic after second robbery | Tech Reddy

Byron Baes Star left Instagram panic after second robbery

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Byron Baes Jade star Kevin Foster has been left “absolutely shaken” after thieves broke into his car and crashed it on an Ipswich highway. This prompted the Gold Coast influencer to vow to sell his home and move.

According to Foster, in addition to her car, up to $15,000 worth of designer clothes, a camera, and jewelry were in her BMW 320i M Sport when it was stolen, according to the Messenger-Mail.

Since the carjacking was the second time he had been robbed in six months; Foster says she’s been afraid to share what she’s doing with her 1.2 million Instagram followers.

“I’m really nervous,” he told the Messenger-Mail.

“I can’t believe this has happened. I’m putting my house on the market and moving.”

Police Found The Car

A Queensland Police spokeswoman also spoke Yahoo! NewsThe car was reportedly stolen from a home just outside of Brisbane and police found it in a Collingwood park at 1:20am on Saturday morning.

The driver reportedly hit a tree before “appearing” to crash into a police car before speeding away.

The car was later recovered by police after it was found abandoned on Ipswich Road in Redbank, with “various types of damage.”

After being notified of the location and condition of his car by police, Foster took to Instagram to update his followers on the situation.

“My car has been found after writing on a stick, [they] swipe all other doors. Everything is so messed up, they just let it go,” he said.

It wasn’t his first robbery

The first robbery was five months ago, when Foster was attacked by a gang in Brisbane and her diamond ring was stolen.

She says it was her transparency about her activities on social media that led to the ring being stolen.

“One hundred percent I share my life on Instagram is because of my ring robbery,” Foster said, as quoted QNews.

“I can’t be 100 percent sure if there is another vehicle. But now I am afraid to give information about my house, place of residence, neighborhood, everything.”

“I don’t know anyone in the world who does this. Instagram is my life and now I’m scared about it.


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