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Dries Depoorter created an interesting and terrifying technology, “The Follower.” It includes “open cameras and AI to find out how to take Instagram photos,” browsing, exchanging information, and setting timestamps, geographic locations, and browsing networks.

How does this work?
1. A selection of open cameras was recorded for the weekend.
2. Deleted all tagged Instagram photos and open camera locations.
3. The Software compares the Instagram with the recorded record.

According to his website, “Dries Depoorter is a Belgian artist working on projects in privacy, artificial intelligence, surveillance and social media. Depoorter creates interactive installations, apps and games .”

Here Enter Mag article by Chris Stokel-Walker, “A spy artist shows how Instagram magic works,” more about Depoorter’s interests and the origins of the project.

“Depoorter, 31, has gained attention over the past year for his project The Flemish Scrollers, used AI to identify Belgian politicians scrolling through their phones during live events. Depoorter refuses to divulge the names of any of those caught up in his latest project…Depoorter reveals that The Follower came out of boredom while remotely observing someone’s behavior. influential person. “I’ve been working on projects with open cameras for years,” says Depoorter. “One day, I was looking at a camera, and there was a man taking pictures for half an hour, very professional. That was the beginning.” Depoorter looked for photos that appeared on Instagram using the platform’s geo-tagged functionality, but found none. So, he decided to introduce a device that pulls surveillance camera footage close to the ground – better able to accurately identify people – and tourist spots where people tend to take photos. “

Check out Depoorter’s Instagram. These two YouTube videos are about “The Follower,” here and here. His TEDxTalk, “Privacy?” can be found here. Rob Bezzizza posted about Depoorter’s Die With Me app here.


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