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Neighborhood frontman Jesse Rutherford, 31, and “TV” frontman Billie Eilish, just 20, posted a slideshow of photos from their party Halloween on social media accounts please.

The first is that he is disguised as a young child, and the second is that of an old man. A photo of Rutherford wearing a clown costume was included in the package. They showed off their Halloween costumes at a star-studded event on Sunday, with Rutherford sporting a bald head and cream lips, and Eilish wearing a hat, baby doll and doll make-up.

It was in October when the two were spotted dining together in Los Angeles. The following night, they were spotted holding hands at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights event.

In 2017, when Rutherford was 26 and Eilish just 15, fans shared throwback photos that showed they had been friends for some time.

Post-Oscars: Serena’s Dress Change; Billie Eilish Grows Her Wardrobe; The Kardarshians show up

If you thought the 94th Academy Awards were exciting, the Vanity Fair Oscar After-Party 2022 is where the fun starts. The stars quickly changed their clothes to tease the much-anticipated event that followed.

Eilish’s previous relationships were with older men. In 2018 and 2019, she dated boxer Brandon “Q” Adams, who was five years her senior. In 2021 and ’22, she met actor Matthew Tyler Vorce, who was ten years her senior.


  1. Does Billie Eilish have kids?
    The 20-year-old singer said she would “rather die” than delay starting a family, revealing her true desire.
  2. How old is Billie Ellis O’Connell in 2022?
    In 2022, Billie Eilish will be twenty years old.

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