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When it comes to antivirus protection, it shouldn’t be limited to your desktop or laptop. When you are connected to the network or using the internet, you need to ensure that your smartphones, tablets and other devices are also safe and secure. And, if your devices contain highly sensitive information, you should make sure that you trust the best antivirus for mobile phones, tablets and more for Android, Windows, iOS or other devices. Antivirus software should not only protect your data from virus attacks, but also provide additional security during financial transactions.

We have listed the best antiviruses for Android mobiles, the best antiviruses for tablets, and the best antiviruses to help you keep your data safe at all times. Check this list and easily get powerful antivirus for your devices.


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When you’re looking for the best antivirus for mobile phones, Norton is a must-have. Available as a 1-year plan, this antivirus lets you use your smartphone comfortably without worrying about your private data being misused. This antivirus protects your mobile phone from random installations, ransomware and other threats. This antivirus software will alert you when you connect to a secure Wi-Fi zone and ensure that you do not compromise your security at any time. As this antivirus software is well updated, it offers you complete protection against all types of malware. Get this antivirus here.

If you are looking for an antivirus software that can be installed on almost all types of devices, this is a good option. It’s available for smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and more, helping you easily navigate to a single antivirus plan and install it on your device based on your needs. This antivirus comes with a secure VPN for your convenient browsing. It’s even available with 10GB of cloud storage to offer you a secure space for your private data. Whether you are installing this antivirus on your smartphone or tablet, make sure you follow the instructions and run the software properly before connecting your device to the network. Get this antivirus here.

Whether you are looking for an antivirus for your Android mobile phone or Android tablet, here is a good option for you to consider. This one-year, one-device antivirus program is affordable and keeps your data and device safe. With an updated database of 800 million threats discovered in the last few months, you can rest assured that your data is safe. You can buy this antivirus software here.

Here is another powerful and effective antivirus software option that you should consider when shopping online. Available with webcam protection and parental controls, this antivirus software ensures that your mobile phones, tablets and other devices are fully protected while you are connected to the internet. With real-time device tracking, this antivirus software works as an excellent option in case of device theft or loss. You can buy this antivirus software here.

For mobile security, this cheap antivirus can be another good option that can easily meet your needs. Available with 500 MB of monthly protected cloud storage, this mobile antivirus is suitable for almost all your basic needs. This antivirus removes viruses, trojans, malware and more, ensuring you can work comfortably without worrying about your data. Get this antivirus software here.

Kaspersky has become another popular name in India when it comes to antivirus software. This antivirus software is designed for 1 year and automatically blocks malicious websites, links and more from your device. So, you can get rid of the stress once you have an antivirus installed on your smartphone or Android tablet. Get this antivirus software here.

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