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The unofficial queen of body acceptance among mothers, Ashley Graham, is sharing how her belly looks ‘very different’ after giving birth to triplets—including twins at beginning of this year.

“Your style is very different from what I’m used to [sic] ki,” Graham captioned her Instagram Story photo on Wednesday, showing off her bare stomach. “But I thank you.”

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Graham gave birth to twins Malachi and Roman in February, and their brother Isaac was born in January 2020. And if Ashley Graham does anything, it’s simple, talk about her body — and other moms who really appreciate it.

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She always has no regrets about what she chooses to wear and how she looks about herself. She is beautiful yes, but she does not subscribe to toxic and outdated beauty standards. She has shared photos flaunting her “new” body on social media and has been open and honest about her feelings about the toxicity of “backward” culture.

“Posting this video is for all the moms who don’t and may never go back, for everyone who needs to remember that your body is beautiful in its truest form,” she wrote in the label. “This is my strong, five-months-postpartum-pregnant-for-two-years body. exactly the same. in hopes of making ALL bodies better at all times in the world.

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It’s wild that our bodies can grow and expand and feed human life, so much so that our skin needs to stretch, and our bodies seem less than all the wonderful things we do. he did it. Why should we consider hiding the signs of pregnancy?

It’s heartwarming to see a famous person show a serious and uncompromising attitude towards all of us, no matter who we are or where we come from. After giving birth to Isaac, Graham faced the pressure he put on himself to “return.”

“I learned that the hard way when I tried to manage everything when I was pregnant with Isaac and I said I would go back because I was breastfeeding and everyone told me to I said, ‘Oh, if you’re going to stick it out, you’re going to lose all the weight,'” Graham said at the time, admitting that wasn’t what happened to him. “It was really hard to accept. and accepting that your body loses control during pregnancy.

Let’s all just admire her for sharing her “new” belly while we all admire our own, shall we?


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