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Apple iPad Air 2022 5th gen screen

Oliver Cragg / Android Authority


  • Apple is reportedly following in the footsteps of the Pixel Tablet with a dock for the iPad.
  • This accessory turns your iPad into a smart home hub.

Google shed more light on the Pixel tablet earlier this month, confirming that its 2023 tablet can be effectively turned into a smart display with the help of a dock. Now, it appears that Apple may copy this method for the future iPad.

Bloomberg Apple reportedly plans a similar concept for next year’s iPad, which will allow users to turn the tablet into a smart hub and smart speaker. This would be accomplished through a dock that Apple would sell separately.

The Pixel Tablet’s dock offers both charging functionality and additional speakers, so if Apple really does copy Google’s approach, it offers the same features.

A shortcut to smart home success?

Either way, it will help the company fight off its smart home rivals. Apple’s share of the smart speaker/display space is small compared to that of Google and Amazon, but the Cupertino company could theoretically increase its presence in this arena by using the millions of iPads on the market.

This is not the only news related to the iPad Bloomberg The company adds that it will launch new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models in the coming days as well. These new slates are believed to come with M2 processors and a similar design compared to the previous Pro models. Apple is also believed to introduce an updated entry-level iPad with USB-C support and a Pro-like design.


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