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ReelTok with Kayla — Sonja and Alex Overhiser are professional home cooks. They are famous for making easy family meals that everyone wants to eat. The couple lives in Indianapolis with their five-year-old son, Larson.

They are known as A Cook couple and you can easily find their recipes on them website a Instagram page.

Kayla Sullivan sat down with Alex and Sonja to talk about the struggles of foster care. Turns out, even professional cooks have this problem. Their five-year-old son is not a fan of their art.

“We have a lot of recipes where we’re really excited about it and then he takes a bite and he’s like ew,” said Sonja Overhiser.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop trying. Overhisers let their child do what they call a curiosity bite, which means the child has to try it without asking them to continue eating if they don’t like it.

“We recommend being very gentle and patient,” Sonja said. “Now, a child needs to try a new flavor 7 times before they like it.”

Alex said the recipes the kids can make themselves are great.

“Make an omelet and help him gather all the pieces he likes to shake and stir.”

Getting their son involved in cooking has been very rewarding for this couple. They have seen a lot of success sharing their recipes Crazy Instagram cows.

“What we find people love is the backstory, the personality, and bringing in our family stories about our five-year-old son. learning to cook, that made it even better,” says Sonja.

Couple Cooks encourages families to bring their children to the grocery store, farmers market or garden and help them pick their food before cooking.

“It’s important for kids to know where their food comes from and to stay at the source, to learn how to grow,” says Sonja.

The couple has a cookbook called Pretty Simple Cooking and is currently working on a second book.

“We’re in the middle of a baking test, we’ve made a caramel sauce like 8 times today,” Sonja said. While most couples fight about money or jobs, Alex laughs that they spend a lot of time arguing about how much salt and what kind of cookies. Create and share drink recipes.

“It’s also great for parents who want to cool down after a day,” says Sonja. “Now, there’s a lot of everything on the web.”

They say the community has really embraced them and they love being in Indianapolis.


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