Zomato pulls out bags with hotline phone numbers | Tech Reddy


Online food delivery platform Zomato rolls out bags with hotline phone numbers for customers if they find a delivery partner overspeeding

Zomato, an online food delivery platform, rolled out delivery bags with a “hotline phone number” to report rash driving by the company’s delivery partners. At the annual general meeting in August, he mentioned putting a number on his delivery partners’ bags to let them know if a delivery partner is available faster.

“As promised earlier, we have started rolling out delivery bags that include a hotline phone number to report rash driving by our delivery partners. Please note that we do not incentivize our delivery partners for on-time delivery, nor penalize them for late delivery. ” said Vindar Goyal in a tweet.

Zomato had announced plans to start instant delivery within 10 minutes a few months back. They also did a pilot project in Gurgaon. After the announcement of this initiative, it faced a lot of criticism.


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