With Roe in jeopardy, Connecticut is poised to become a “safe harbor” for abortion patients | Tech Reddy


Once the first state in America to enact an explicit ban on abortion, Connecticut is now poised to become a safe haven for patients seeking abortion services should the Supreme Court follow through on an informed draft decision to nullify the right to choose, experts said Tuesday.

A decision to overturn the half-century precedent established by Roe v. Wade – reflected in the opinion project published by Politico – would have long-term consequences for access to abortion in the United States, where about two dozen states are expected to limit it legally. abortions in almost all cases.

Connecticut, however, is one of a handful of states that have codified abortion rights into state law, having done so in 1990. Lawmakers went even further this year, passing legislation to curb attempts of other states to investigate patients traveling to Connecticut seeking access. for safe and legal abortions.

“We will be one of the states that continue to protect people’s right to make their own private health care decisions,” said Dr. Nancy Stanwood, head of the Family Planning Section at Yale. School of Medicine. “I think we can make sure that for people who live in Connecticut, if they need abortion care is available.”


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