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Where to unlock TV as Bytes in Fortnite |  Where is the TV set?

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Regardless of chapter and time, Fortnite‘s battle pass is often filled with different charms that players work to unlock until they turn out. If you’ve been actively playing Chapter Three, season four, then you may have already unlocked the Nothing’s Gift Pickaxe.

While the basic version of this pickaxe is detailed and good looking, it also comes with additional styles. Some versions of the pickaxe aren’t available right off the bat, however, and players will need to complete secret challenges to unlock them.

One of these secret challenges requires players to tune into television as Bytes. To complete this challenge quickly, players will need to know where they need to go on the map.

Where can you turn on TV as Bytes inside Fortnite?

To complete these challenges, players can visit two TVs in the Lustrous Lagoon and a small area located west of the Herald’s Sanctum.

Both TVs are in the houses marked on the map below. To complete this challenge, players will need to equip the Bytes skin before going to the TVs. If you try to complete this challenge with any other skin in the game, it will not register.

Screengrab by Epic Games

After fixing the TV correctly, players will hear Nothing, telling them to “prove their worth.” This will open up another challenge, and it looks like this will be one of the most important lines in Chapter Three, Season Four.


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