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Instagram is testing a new feature called ‘Candid Challenges’. and this unreleased feature was questioned and discovered by the technologist Alessandro Paluzzi.

After introducing the ‘Split camera’ option for users, Instagram introduced this new feature that allows users to share their candid photos on the social media platform Meta.

In the new section of Instagram, the platform can include users, and the user is encouraged to submit himself using the Instagram app at random times. Later, the clicked photo will be shared with his followers through Instagram stories. It only takes a couple of minutes to upload a photo.

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What are Instagram’s ‘Direct Challenges’?

The exact challenges are very similar to the photo sharing app “BeReal”. BeReal was launched in 2020 and will be popular among Gen Z users in June-July 2022.

The French social media app, created by Alexis Barreyat has grown rapidly with over 5 million downloads on Playstore. In addition, it is compatible with Apple devices.

Instagram’s ‘Candid Challenges’ feature is said to be a modified concept for quick photo sharing, allowing people to truly understand how they look at certain times.

Although the feature has not yet been launched, Alessandro Paluzzi posted some images showing that users will be asked to capture and share a photo within two minutes at a different time each day. In addition, they can also add other people’s comments to their message boards.

According to Paluzzi, users can use the dual camera on the back of their phone to take a direct shot.

The feature is an “internal prototype” that hasn’t been tested “outside”, which means users won’t be able to participate in Candid’s challenges, Engadget said, citing an Instagram spokesperson.

How to use Instagram ‘Candid Challenges’?

Although the social media app has not revealed anything yet, we can imagine the new Instagram feature by comparing and connecting it to the BeReal app. Note that there are no external examples of this feature until now. Here’s how to do it:

  1. The user needs to install an Instagram app on his device with two rear cameras.
  2. The feature sends a notification to the user at random times of the day to click a photo.
  3. The user just needs to use the rear camera for clicking the picture.
  4. The picture must be uploaded within 2-minutes of the challenge.
  5. It will be a comment box where you can add other people’s random photos.

What’s the idea behind Instagram’s authenticity challenges?

The first thing that comes to our mind is the small challenge facing Instagram by the BeReal app. Meta is constantly adding new features to improve the user experience. In addition to user experience, fitness is also a factor in Instagram’s ‘Candid Challenges’ category. Since the images are shared freely, they may not be decorated or edited as we share the posts.

Instagram challenges: Who is Alessandro Paluzzi?

Based in Italy, Alessandro Paluzzi is a retro tech expert who provides users with constant information on technology, tools, non-fungible brands and more. Alessandro Paluzzi’s high class analysis helps people make the right decision.

He has more than 42,000 followers on Twitter and his bio states that he is a developer, mobile developer, reverse engineer, Anime and TV series and developer of a page called WhatsApp Tweaks.

(Written by Zuhair Zaidi)


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