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November 1, 2022
Education USA / US Embassy in Japan
Embassy of Japan in the United States of America

The US Embassy in Tokyo’s EducationUSA Office and the Embassy of Japan in Washington, DC are pleased to announce an Instagram program starting November 1 through November 30, 2022, with the goal to promote and revive study abroad between the United States and Japan.

In recent years, the knowledge exchange between the United States and Japan has been affected by the international crisis. With temporary visa requirements for entry into Japan from the US lifted on October 11, and US student visa applications remaining open to Japanese citizens, we are launching this campaign with aims to increase the demand for study abroad. enhancing knowledge exchanges between the United States and Japan.

A message from Mr. Philip Roskamp, ​​Minister Counselor for Civil Affairs, US Embassy in Japan

“The relationship between the United States and Japan that exists today was created by people who traveled between the two countries. I studied abroad in Japan twice and experienced the culture and Japanese culture and improved my language skills, and this investment is still good for me today. The experience of studying at an American university, and being exposed to diverse cultures, make it an irreplaceable asset for you.I believe that every “study abroad” will improve US-Japan relations.

Let’s celebrate World Education Week by participating in this Instagram campaign. Happy International Education Week!”

A message from Mr. Koichi Ai, Minister, Embassy of Japan in America

“Early exposure to a foreign country, its people, and its culture is an invaluable experience that broadens one’s worldview. There are many different programs and support systems available, so you should consider studying abroad as one of the options. The relationship between Japan and the United States is one of the most important bilateral relationships in the world, and the economic relationship between the two countries is important to the world economy. We also believe that it is important in many ways for young people in Japan and America to deepen their understanding of each other through educational exchanges. We hope that you who have studied abroad will participate in this project by posting videos and photos of your study abroad experience on Instagram.

  • Special website for promotion
  • How to Participate in the Promotion Upload photos/videos related to your study abroad experience in the US or Japan that show your memories, your favorite spot on campus, your studio, or club activities, trips you took while studying abroad, etc. hashtag #USJapanStudyAbroad or #JapanUSStudyAbroad. Twenty participants will be selected at random and will receive a small gift from the Embassies.

    • There are no restrictions on how and when you study abroad.
    • Posts from accounts other than personal accounts (educational institutions, organizations, etc.) are also allowed.

  • For Involved Parties The US Embassy Tokyo’s EducationUSA Tokyo Office
    Location: US Embassy, ​​1-10-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    Contact: Atsuko Ichikawa [email protected]

    Embassy of Japan in the United States of America, Public Affairs Section
    Location: 2520 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington, DC
    Contact : Taichi Kaneshiro [email protected]


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