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In the 60s and 70s, having a government job added stars to the prestige of an Indian family. It was a phenomenal aspect of personal life. That Letter of Offer from a government organization solved all the problems of the family, including marriage, which was very dependent. Then, the entry of foreign companies into the country in the 90s through the GPL model adopted by the Government under the finance ministry of Dr. Manmohan Singh, followed by the rise of the IT sector which dispensed lucrative jobs in the 2000s, overshadowed the presence of government jobs.

However, feeling the impact of the geo-political developments of the countries at the global level on their jobs and professional companies, such as the impact of the Trump government on the Indian IT sector, the youth have realized the value of government jobs in recent times.

The 6th and 7th Pay Commission cemented their aspirations to pursue government jobs that offer unparalleled benefits and prestige. The 7th Pay Commission had brought a steep revision in the salary packages and other perks bringing them to the level of most private sector jobs.

Let’s look at the highest paying government jobs in India. These jobs offer perks that are too attractive to pass up. Having such a job will free you from all financial constraints in your life.

Indian Administrative Service: IAS jobs are prestigious in every respect. An IAS officer enjoys a good amount of salary, perks and very good reputation in the community. It is a pan-India service and the candidate can get coveted positions in central government, state government and even some posts in public sector units. The minimum salary offered to the IAS Officer (Grade of Cabinet Secretary) is 2, 50,000 per month. Benefits and Incentives: Accommodation, Vehicle, Government Transport, Study Abroad, Pension for Life after Retirement and Job Security

Public sector units: The best part of PSUs like Coal Indian Limited and India Oil Corporation is that they generate steady revenues which are shared as dividends among shareholders and as salaries among their employees. Coal India Limited (CIL) offers its employees nearly 10 lakhs annually. Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) gives employees 8-9 lakhs annually. Employees are given residential accommodation along with medical benefits and other government entitlements.

Defense: Someone who works as an Indian Coast Guard (ICG) as an Indian Navy gets a salary package and perks that go beyond the expectations of an average Indian employee working in a private company. The following is the payment structure in the ICG service.

Pay Structure of Indian Coast Guard Officers Pay off

Managing Director Rs. 37400-67000 with Grade Pay Rs 12000/-

Inspector General Rs. 37400-67000 with Grade Pay Rs 10000/-

Deputy Inspector General Rs. 37400-67000 with Grade Pay Rs 8900/-

Commander Rs. 37400-67000 with Grade Pay Rs 8700/-

Commandant (Junior Grade) Rs. 15600-39100 with Grade Pay Rs 7600/-

Deputy Commander Rs. 15600-39100 with Grade Pay Rs 6600/-

Assistant Commandant Rs. 15600-39100 with Grade Pay Rs 5400/-

Govt. Bank jobs: Having a well-paid government bank job means being settled in life at all levels. Although with more money comes more responsibility, jobs in government banks are more sought after. The State Bank of India is considered as the first government banking institution after the central bank RBI and before any other reputed government. banks An SBI Bank Manager earns on average annually Rs. 240,632 – Rs. 1,006,655. An SBI employee at the clerical level receives annually Rs 138,808 – Rs 375,517. You can check the salary of any SBI employee here.

Along with the salary, you get all bank holidays, half days or weekends off, PF, gratuity, retirement pensions and loans at the lowest possible interest.

Teaching Jobs: There are difficult parameters criteria established for eligibility to secure teaching jobs in colleges and universities recognized by the government. One must take the NET or National Eligibility Test. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on behalf of the University Grants Commission (UGC) conducts the NET for determining the eligibility of Indian nationals for eligibility for Assistant Professor only or a junior research grant and eligibility for an assistant professorship in both Indian universities and colleges. . The typical salary of a Government of India teacher is 40,777 per month. (Rs. 19,000 – Rs.90, 000). The best part about teaching is the holidays. You can enjoy the summer holidays to your heart’s content.

If you land a job in one of these sectors, consider yourself the most fortunate since you will have job security, many advantages, flexibility and above all prestige in your community.


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