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Tommy Wättring years

Tommy was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1998, making him 23 years old, according to Hammarstrom’s office.

Tommy Wättring high

Tommy was a tall man about 6 feet 2 inches. Actor Marcus has brown eyes and brown hair.

Tommy Wättring Instagram

If you want to keep up with Tommy and his latest projects you can follow him on Instagram @tommywattring. He’s had an Instagram for a few years but it seems to be more active in 2022, so not many posts but fun photos from his time. Young Royals. The actor seems to be more active than his Twitter account @TommyWattring.

Tommy Wättring role

Young Royals It was one of Tommy’s first major roles in the world, but he has previously starred in other Swedish projects such as the drama series. Beck, where he plays Vilhelm. He has also appeared in several short films and shows Finaste Familjen.

Watch Tommy Wättring as Marcus now Young Royals season 2, now streaming on Netflix.


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