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Cormac Roth’s last Instagram post before his death was a powerful message about doing what you love.

The 25-year-old singer is the son of Pup Fiction Actor Tim Roth, who died on 16 October after a “courageous battle with cancer”, his family announced on Monday (31 October).

Roth shared his last post on social media on August 17, a video of himself wearing a hat and blue t-shirt.

“You’re all so talented, I’m overwhelmed by what I see every day when I scroll, it’s a real job,” Cormac told his students. “What you do is amazing.”

He added: “Just sink your teeth into it and remember that life is short, you don’t get to choose where you are and you don’t get to choose your future, but let it be a force that cannot be destroyed that lives and breathes. you say you love and you really do.

“If it makes you happy, do it. That’s all I got. I love you.”

The comments section of the video has since been flooded with mournful messages from the singer’s fans.

Remembering Cormac as a “wild and electric ball of energy” and a “spirit full of light and goodness”, his family wrote in a statement: “In the wild, Cormac He was a gentle soul who brought joy and hope to those around him.

“Sadness comes in waves, with tears and laughter, we think of that beautiful child in the 25 years and 10 months that we knew him. He was a helpless and happy child. so wild and so beautiful. We recently had a man. We love him. We take him everywhere we go.

Born Michael Cormac Roth in 1996, the 25-year-old is the youngest of Reservoir Dogs starring the two sons of Tim and his wife Nikki Roth. He released his first album in 2018.

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The musician was diagnosed in November 2021 with Stage 3 germ cell carcinoma (also known as Choriocarcinoma), a cancer that affects the body’s reproductive cells.

Tim Roth (left) and his son Cormac Roth

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In July, Cormac posted a video on Instagram of him playing the guitar, which he wrote about his rare cancer.

“I’ve been able to stay several steps ahead of myself no matter what I’m thrown at,” he wrote. “He took half of my hearing, 60 pounds of weight, my confidence, and he continued his murderous way until I was able to stop him, and he died.

“But it hasn’t taken away my will to live, my love for making music. I’m not down yet. If you have a loved one with cancer, please reach out because it’s an emotional roller coaster like no other.”

He added: “Love to all of you and keep doing what you love. Life is short. It’s chaotic. And you don’t know when you’re going to go. Be hi, go to the doctor. F*** cancer.”


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