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Founded in 2021 by Dr. Tarun Bharti, Tick My Health has been awarded for the most innovative nutritionist clinic in Delhi NCR.

Recognized for its immense contribution, the brand has been awarded the award for the most innovative nutritionist clinic. With the intention of reaching out to a larger population, Tik My Health is set to open more than 20 centers in North India with its first center in Gurgaon having a physical presence.

Tick ​​My Health is producing remarkable results for various skin conditions like psoriasis and lifestyle-related issues like weight management and pcod etc. and has become a new lifeline for psoriasis patients with amazing results and patient experience. This is a well-researched concept of Dr. Tarun Baharti, who has over two decades of experience.

It is preferable to consider each person as an individual rather than focusing only on their common symptoms. Since everyone is different and has different body chemistry, Tick My Health focuses on the approach that will work best for you.

Simply put, it indicates that the combination will consider both the underlying cause of your condition and its current symptoms. You can improve your immune system and restore balance to your mind and body with the special nutritional approach I provide. That way, diseases don’t get a chance to start in the first place.

Dr. Tarun Bharti further explains, “Nutrition is one of the most important things in life. It should be taught not only to adults but also to children so that they can live a healthy life and avoid diseases. Balance is the only thing necessary for good health. And wellness. Everyone must understand their body type. So that they can follow a diet that meets their needs without introducing more imbalances in their body.Tick My Health aims to guide you in finding the best daily nutrition strategy.

To further expand its horizons, Tick My Health is also exploring franchise opportunities across India.

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