The RHOSLC Husband Created a Fake Instagram to Troll Lisa Barlow | Tech Reddy


One Ladies of Salt Lake City the husband is going to the play.

In the preview of the Bravo series’ November 2 episode, Chris Harrington—the husband of RHSOLC season three “friends” Angie Harrington—showing that he tried to seek revenge Lisa Barlow by creating a fake Instagram account.

According to Angie, Chris started cheating after his two-part drama with Lisa, Angie accused Lisa of cheating on one of her love parties.

“Chris was really upset because he felt like I was being attacked in the media,” Angie told co-stars. Seth a Meredith Award in hindsight. Chimes in Chris, “There’s a lot of feeling coming from Lisa.”

And finally he came clean. “In a very mature time,” he says, “a 52-year-old man-judging from me later-but I made a false account.”

Chris’ confession comes after Angie and Lisa hit it off on a skating day in the October 26 episode. As Angie says in the newly released clip, “I think Lisa is the only one cleaner—he doesn’t want to work with me.”


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