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A new Instagram feature is filtering mixed reactions from users. Think Stories but in text format and you’ll get “Notes,” the new Instagram feature you’ve seen when you scroll right to access your DMs on Instagram.

The new Notes feature on Instagram allows users to create short notes with a 60 character limit. Twitter, are you watching? At this rate, no two mainstream applications will be different from each other for long.

Although, Instagram Posts are visible to your followers for 24 hours, just like Stories. Students can also respond to these in DMs.

The new part of Instagram allows you to write
Take it apart

Another rip off or a useful feature?

While the feature may be useful for those who don’t want to share photos/videos of their daily life on Instagram, it’s of little value for a video app like Instagram.

Now, you can’t spell-bomb! Instagram usually posts a post every 24 hours. If you send another one during this time, the previous note will be deleted.

The new part of Instagram allows you to write
Take it apart

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For everything-Instagram, you can choose who you share your Post with – just your closest friends, all your followers, or just the people you follow.

Earlier, Instagram indicated that the app’s philosophy is slowly but surely changing, and that Instagram wants to shift to video-heavy content. This is in response to the growing popularity of TikTok and other applications, while Meta’s social media apps have seen a decline in popularity.

The new part of Instagram allows you to write
Take it apart

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What do you think – should Instagram go back to its roots or become Meta’s all-purpose social media platform? Let us know in the comments below. For others in the world of technology a sciencekeep reading


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