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KOCHI: Patients who forget to take their medicines and who have no one to sort and administer them need not worry anymore. A tabletop machine will help you with this. The device gives you the medicine you need in the morning, afternoon and night. The device can give medicine for a month.

Medicines are sorted by a device kept in the hospital. Each packet is filled with pills and made into a roll. That roll should be kept in the camera of the car kept at home. When the time comes, the alarm goes off and the package comes out. If the package is not received after three beeps, a message will be sent to three WhatsApp numbers.

The first unit of the machine will soon be handed over to a private hospital.

The designer of this device, 42-year-old Sanil Anand, believes that since this device works diligently, no one misses their medicine on time. Hailing from Rajakad in Idukki district, Sanil is an electronics engineer and managing director of Angamaly-based Packmen Machineries.

The car was designed and produced for a new company. Its price is up to 70 million soms. According to Sanil, this is the first car in the world.

He started Dronacharya Electronics in Kochi in 2001 with two friends. Then in 2013, he started a startup called “Packmen Machineries”. Before covid the turnover of the company was Rs 10 crore, post covid it has increased to Rs 25 crore. The company has 72 employees. Sanil plans to commission the new unit at KINFRA in April.


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