The Lenovo Yoga Paper will be a 10.3-inch E Ink writing tablet | Tech Reddy

The Lenovo Yoga Paper will be a 10.3-inch E Ink writing tablet

 | Tech Reddy


Lenovo is working on a 10.3-inch tablet designed primarily for reading and writing. It was coming Lenovo Yoga Paper It has a 10.3-inch black and white E-Ink display and is powered by a pressure-sensitive pen that lets you write or draw on the screen.

A photo of a yoga paper started going viral on Chinese social media in October. Now, Lenovo has confirmed that the tablet is real and provided some more details.

For example, we now know the screen size, and the Yoga Paper will have a CNC-machined metal body measuring a scant 5.5 mm (0.22 inches) thick.

It’s designed to be used in either right- or left-handed mode, which supports screen rotation (although it’s not clear if the screen rotates automatically or if you have to do it manually). And the display is front-lit with LED lights that support color temperature adjustment to reduce or increase the amount of blue light depending on your preference or viewing environment.

Lenovo’s tablet stylus supports 4,096 degrees of pressure sensitivity and doesn’t need to be charged or paired with a tablet, meaning it can be a Wacom EMR pen.

There’s a gap on one side of the tablet where the pen magnetically fits into the cradle for safe storage when you’re not using it. There also appears to be a magnetic cover to protect the screen, but it’s unclear if it comes with the tablet or is an optional accessory.

Lenovo has yet to announce pricing or availability for the Yoga Paper. So far, the company has only mentioned the device on Chinese social media site Weibo, so it’s unclear whether it will be released in Lenovo’s home country or sold globally.

via TabletMonkeys and /r/eink

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