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File photo: US Embassy in Port of Spain.  Photo by Angelo Marcelle
File photo: US Embassy in Port of Spain. Photo by Angelo Marcelle

THE GOVERNMENT on Saturday disagreed with statements made in a US travel warning related to terrorism in Trinidad and Tobago issued by the US State Department against Trinidad and Tobago.

A statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) said that the level four advice was applied to 130 countries, developed and developing, around the world.

“We also recognize and respect that the United States of America, like other sovereign nations, must take measures to guide and protect its citizens during these unprecedented and unpredictable times, especially in light of the ongoing covid19 pandemic. “

Despite this, the OPM said, “TT must register our disagreement and concern with some of the statements made in the current advisory, particularly that ‘terrorism’ is not a specific feature of any current threat in our costs “.

“We expect that the United States, which is no stranger to the face of terrorism at home, will reconsider the association of such a term with TT which certainly does not accurately reflect local realities.”

The government said it was not surprised by the UNC’s attempt to misrepresent the notice or the US government’s condemnation of the UNC’s actions. The UNC stated that the United States in its advisory told its citizens not to visit the known strongholds of PNM.

The OPM also said that recent public comments about the council have led to “the complete unmasking of the UNC and its determined agenda against TT”.

“Through their highly reckless and irresponsible publications and publications, the leadership of the UNC has made it abundantly clear, once again, that they are never willing to defend the interests of TT.”

The OPM said the UNC’s obscene rush to seize every opportunity for political mischief and disinformation has backfired once again spectacularly. The OPM said the US government’s response to the UNC’s claims left them once again “in the unfortunate position of scrambling to save face, after trying to confirm something negative that is said or portrayed about our nation, without any regard for accuracy or context.”

In a statement Friday, the U.S. Embassy said the State Department’s advice is apolitical in nature and does not reflect the U.S. relationship with any country or political party in that country.

The OPM said that the population has come to expect such irresponsibility from the UNC that it prefers to “cheerfully try to confirm any misconception or misinformation about TT” while refusing to act out of a sense of duty to the country.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, the Prime Minister slammed what he described as “the ever-increasing use of blatant falsehoods” by the UNC to create unrest and mislead the public.

He slammed the party, its spokespeople and social media agents for using lies as “a deliberate political strategy to disturb the national psyche, misinform the public or simply to create a problem that can then engage on their political vines and platforms.”

“Clearly we have generated our version of QAnon”, he accused, “but unfortunately for the country its main advocate and proponent is the UNC our official Opposition in Parliament. The truth does not matter just because it is taught in the church “.

QAnon or Q is defined as “a broad and completely unfounded theory that says President Trump is waging a secret war against Satan-worshipping elite pedophiles in government, business, and the media.”


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