The Google Pixel Tablet only supports 64-bit apps | Tech Reddy


Mishaal Rahman Google has revealed new information about the Pixel Tablet that it teased at its I/O 2022 conference in May. While Google has focused on revealing devices that will be released later this year, it has confirmed that the Pixel Tablet is more than a year away. In a tweet, Rahman explains that Google has included a note in the Android 13 source code to “move Tangor to 64-bit,” with “tangor” being the codename for the Pixel tablet.

On the one hand, limiting the Pixel tablet to running 64-bit apps reduces its versatility and compatibility across the Android ecosystem, which is still one of the platform’s selling points compared to iOS and iPadOS. On the other hand, ditching 32-bit apps allows Google to pack a smaller operating system without the involvement of 32-bit code. For context, Google already offers only 64-bit versions of Android starting with Android 12.

In addition, Google forced developers to publish 64-bit versions of their apps on the Google Play Store starting in mid-2019. In other words, the Pixel Tablet should have no problem downloading apps that have been updated within the last three years. In theory, the change will reduce memory usage, and that’s the direction Android and the Pixel series are headed as a whole. Incidentally, Apple started doing this five years ago with iOS 11, before dropping 32-bit support with macOS Catalina 10.15.


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