The Fox Sports App is coming to Vizio Smart TVs | Tech Reddy


The Fox Sports app is now available on Vizio Smart TVs, joining other Fox-0wned brands Tubi, Fox Nation and Fox Now.

Along with existing Fox channels supported by LiveNOW and Fox Soul, Fox Weather has been introduced to Vizio WatchFree+.

Fox Sports will host home screen takeovers on Vizio TV on November 12 and November 13, promoting college football and NFL games that weekend.

“We are excited to expand and expand our long-standing relationship with Vizio as we bring the Fox Weather and Fox Sports app to Vizio users and give them greater access to our industry-leading portfolio of media, sports and entertainment,” he said. BJ Eliasevp of Distribution Advanced Services at Fox Corporation, in a statement.

Vizio SmartCast users nationwide can access the Fox Sports app on the Home Screen and the Fox Weather channel on WatchFree+. In addition, Tubi’s SmartCast app now offers more than 45,000 movies and TV series, including a growing list of original Tubi content.

“Fox and Vizio have worked together for many years to bring viewers the best in entertainment. We are delighted that our strategic relationship continues to grow, and our extended agreement means that Vizio users can enjoy a wider range of sports, live events, news and lifestyle programming for years to come,” he said Katherine PondGroup Vice President of Platform Content and Partnerships at Vizio.


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