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The outgoing president and his wife have stopped following each other on social media, indicating a strained marriage. The story revolves around Thalavi’s son, who is in conflict with Siddhi.

No, Jair and Michelle Bolsonaro are not about to divorce. That’s what the former first lady of Brazil said. Michelle Bolsonaro on Monday denied reports of problems with her husband, who lost in the second round of the presidential election the night before. The news changed in the morning when netizens discovered that the Instagram accounts of the right-wing president and his wife were no longer “following” each other.

“Jair explained many times that he is not the one who manages (his accounts) on this social network. My husband and I are united, we believe in God, we believe in things all good for Brazil,” wrote Michelle Bolsonaro, 40-years-old in an Instagram story. “We will live together, We will love each other, in joy and sorrow… May God bless our people”, said this passionate preacher.

This is the first public response by a member of the Bolsonaro family since Sunday night’s election defeat, in which the defeated president was defeated. He was quiet. It is common in Brazil for Carlos Bolsonaro, one of the sons of the president of Brazil, to access his father’s social media accounts. In March 2019, he apologized for posting on the head of state’s Twitter account without permission.

Michel Bolsonaro and the second son of the president, Carlos, did not like it. The first lady has criticized her daughter-in-law for her strong involvement in the couple that she and Jair Bolsonaro are forming. According to MetropolisesThe 39-year-old Brazilian was fired from his father’s job using his father’s Instagram account. She shared the truth with her husband, who washed his hands of her. Furax, Michelle Bolsonaro later stopped following her husband’s account on the social network.

An hour after the first grandmother explained on Instagram, the eldest son of the president Flavio Bolsonaro had time to break the silence. “Thank you (…) to those who got good scores during my father’s life” in the election. “Keep our heads up, we’re not leaving Brazil!” he tweeted.

Jair Bolsonaro, 67, is the first president of Brazil to lose a re-election bid. He lost slightly, 49.1% to Lula’s 50.9%. Almost 24 hours after the results were announced, the outgoing president still refused to accept his defeat.


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